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    Optimizing Customer Support with KFS

    With KYOCERA Fleet Services, I.S. Corporacion achieved greater efficiency for their support team.
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    The Background

    Based in San José, Costa Rica, I.S. Corporación has specialized in providing advanced technology solutions in different areas for over 40 years. The company is a specialist in management and innovation, with over 70 professional partners and more than 2,000 satisfied clients. Over the years, it has managed to maintain and strengthen its connection with manufacturers and customers thanks to the great sense of commitment embodied by all of its staff.

    The Challenge

    I.S. Corporación felt plagued by an overload of site visits that involved high costs and ultimately led to equipment shortages. The company wanted to reduce the number of visits to achieve more availability and improve quality of service overall.

    The Solution

    KYOCERA Fleet Services is the optimal solution for companies looking to streamline processes, reduce printer downtime and improve the overall user experience. By utilizing KYOCERA Fleet Services’ vast remote tools and data capturing features, I.S. Corporación has been able to proactively and remotely close two service calls per day. KYOCERA Fleet Services also allows the company to collect monthly meter reads on 420 devices, thus eliminating the need for a physical visit from a technician.

    The Benefits

    Kyocera Fleet Services has allowed I.S. Corporación to become more proactive, efficient and productive.
    Device Security
    I.S. Corporación is able to update device firmware to prevent vulnerabilities and its audit logs enhance compliance.
    The company can easily deploy additional latest firmware, device functions and configure settings remotely.
    User interface can be tailored per customer, thus providing a more personalized experience.
    Ease of Use
    KYOCERA Fleet Services can be paired with both existing Kyocera or third-party devices.

    The Results

    The time saved from visiting client premises allows proactive maintenance which consequently improves product reliability and minimizes machine downtime. This extra time also enables I.S Corporación to research new products and solution software, and improve application knowledge. The meter collection visits avoided at over 50 different locations adds up to approximately $2,730 per month. Furthermore, 45 remote Configuration and Troubleshooting Connection calls per month, which average $65 per visit, has saved I.S. Corporación as much as $2,925 per month. Combined, these streamlined services add up to a total yearly cost savings of approximately $67,860.

    The Good News

    “KYOCERA Fleet Services has enabled us to make such substantial cost savings that we have decided to bring in a KYOCERA Fleet Services Specialist into our organization. This will help us to further maximize the efficiency of this powerful tool.” Rafael Coto, Service Supervisor

    "KFS has enabled us to make such substantial cost savings."

    Rafael C., Supervisor

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